Drop Diva


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Drop Diva Starter kit include:

  • 1x Drop AeroTitan base
  • 1x BAF file (150 grits)
  • 1x BAF file (180 grits)
  • 1x BAF file (240 grits)
  • 2x files (Soft) (80 grits)
  • 2x files (Soft) (100 grits)
  • 2x files (Soft) (150 grits)
  • 2x files (Soft) (180 grits)
  • 2x files (Soft) (220 grits)
  • 2x files (Soft) (240 grits)
  • 2x files (Soft) (280 grits)
  • 2x file (Standard) (80 grits)
  • 2x file (Standard) (100 grits)
  • 2x file (Standard) (150 grits)
  • 2x file (Standard) (180 grits)
  • 2x file (Standard) (220 grits)
  • 2x file (Standard) (240grits)
  • 2x file (Standard) (280 grits)
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If you’re a professional nail care specialist, you need our URZO Starting Kit in your life. It’s got everything you need to achieve the perfect manicure and pedicure, all in one convenient package. And with our hygiene-obsessed mindset, you can be sure that every tool is fresh, clean, and ready to go. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get nailing!

Our URZO starting kit is the ultimate must-have for any professional nail care specialist out there. Your journey towards fabulous nails has never been easier with our URZO starting kit! Our kit contains all the essential tools you need to start achieving the perfect manicure and pedicure.


Hygiene: Our starting kit comes equipped with a AeroTitan base, designed for easy cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilising in a hot air steriliser or steam autoclave. Keep your workspace spotless and minimise the spread of harmful microorganisms for a healthy environment. you’ll be ready to  create stunning nail art masterpieces that will make your clients feel like in heaven!


Safety: Our starting kit ensures the safety of both the specialist and the client, protecting against infectious and fungal diseases. Deliver top-notch, hygienic beauty services that your clients can trust with confidence.


Convenience & Simplicity: Our starting kit comes with interchangeable nail files and BAF files, making the manicure process seamless and efficient. The AeroTitan base is lightweight, flexible, and non-deformable, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance in your nail care sessions. With our starting kit, achieving perfect nails has never been more simple and convenient!

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Dimensions 26.5 × 16.5 × 5.5 cm


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