URZO Baf files, Interchangeable nail files and Aero Titan Base


Alright, buckle up!


Well, dear reader, URZO is here to make your nail care dreams come true.

Our witty, smart, and passionate team has crafted a range of products that are as reliable as they are stylish. 

Say goodbye to your nail care woes and join the URZO family for a life filled with flawless nails and impeccable hygiene. So, are you ready to experience the magic of URZO? With our bold and unconventional approach, we promise you’ll never look at nail care the same way again. 


Welcome to the future of manicures and pedicures, where every stroke is a masterpiece!


Why Join URZO Revolution?


We’re diving into the enchanting world of URZO, where our fabulous team of creative trailblazers is revolutionizing the nail care industry one titanium base at a time.

Company Story:

Once upon a time, Jānis Załoksnis, an engineering maestro, stumbled upon thedaily struggles of manicurists during a serendipitous conversation with some well-known nail artists. Struck by inspiration, Jānis set out on a mission to craft a solution that would make nail care as smooth as a perfectly polished nail. Fast forward a few years, and the URZO team is now shaking up the nail care scene with their game-changing products, making manicurists around the globe swoon with joy.


Jānis Zaļoksnis

leader & founder

Our fearless leader and founder, Jānis is the brainchild behind URZO. With an engineering background and an uncanny ability to spot opportunities, he’s transforming the nail care industry like a boss.

Jānis Feldmanis


Janis as second co-founder, have unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction has made him an invaluable member of the URZO family. Under Jānis’ leadership, URZO continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, always staying one step ahead and ensuring that manicure and pedicure professionals have the best tools at their fingertips.

Gertrūde Vasiļuka


Ģetrtrūde journey began when she realized that traditional nail files were spreading germs and infections. With her keen eye for detail and a determination to make a difference, she spearheaded the development of URZO’s titanium nail file systems. As the active companies manager, Ģetrtrūde sets the vision and drives the company forward, ensuring URZO stays on the cutting edge of nail care innovation.

Laura Pudāne

marketing manager

Laura: Marketing maven and nail care enthusiast, Laura adds pizzazz to URZO’s brand identity, creating stories that captivate manicure experts, schools, and salons worldwide. Trust us, with Laura on our side, there’s never a dull moment!